• Plan your next marketing project

    Design your Value Proposition and your Brand DNA
    Document your SWOT Analysis
    Plan your paid campaigns architecture

  • Collaborate with your colleagues or clients


    Brainstorm around the benefits and what makes you better and/or different?
    See what stands out.

    Learn how to build a good
    Minimum Viable Brand

    Find your Why
    Mission & Vision

    Document your
    SWOT analysis

  • Target your audience

    along the customer journey

    The most classic mistake brands do when managing ads accounts is about lack of clarity in segmenting and how many people in each segments (personae if you like) have been reached.


    Now, users can easily add new segments and its size then see for themselves how much of these audiences have been covered by their campaigns. Finally it’s getting a lot easier to get actionable insights.

    Allocate budgets based on audience size

    Allocate budgets based on your objectives and benchmarks

  • Pricing

    Lifetime license
    Coming soon
  • Founder of the Digital Marketing Canvas

    👋Hi, I'm Jeremy and I help businesses design marketing strategies

    For the past 10 years, I've been helping businesses find their ways to growth. I've built Plunch.net (helping energy providers acquire clients on the back of comparison websites) and Gatekeepr.co (helping organisations build better brands on the back of Social Media). I've co-founded a global community called Café Numérique organizing tech events in more than 20 cities in the world and launched a podcast called Café Sans Filtre.