• The DMC is a tool of Co-Creation

    Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers... get everybody around the table!


    New ideas with your teammates

    A poster is what you need to co-create.


    Fundamentals & new

    Learn how marketing fundamentals and online customer lifecycle work together.


    Better marketing strategies

    Find the right digital strategy for your company.

  • Introducing the Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC)

    I wish I came across this thing much earlier. Like 5 years ago. When I had no idea what I was actually doing in my day-to-day work at a startup. Making from 0 up to €500K a week.

    If Digital Marketing was like soccer

    Last weekend I was watching the game and told to myself what I would have done differently if I were in the shoes of the coach. Everyone does that.

    Airbnb: inspiration to sketch out your digital marketing strategy (on the DMC)

    When I work on digital strategies, the same questions pop into my mind. How can we make a good story of the brand within the customer journey?

    I want you back.

    Most CMOs I know have already started shifting their minds from Customer Acquisition to Customer Retention. It’s a good thing...

  • References


    Fred Cavazza
    Marketing technologist and speaker (French)

    "Je suis particulièrement sensible à ce genre d’outil, car il représente un outil pragmatique pour stimuler les échanges et la collaboration et surtout pour éviter de se précipiter tête baissée (...). Suivre ce modèle, c’est s’assurer de ne pas céder à la tentation de dégainer un arsenal technologique pour compenser une stratégie défaillante." Read more...

  • Discover the Digital Innovation Game

    Innovation is a game.