• Digital Innovation Game

    Brainstorm game to build your digital strategy


    The Digital Innovation Game is the new reference tool for Design Thinking

    Started in January 2016, the Digital Marketing Canvas has gone through organic growth.


    of downloads every month

    129 nationatilies

    have used the canvas

    Hundreds of workshops

    organised across the world

  • Now, what's the Digital Innovation Game?

    The Digital Innovation Game includes everything you need to run the perfect workshop to sketch out a digital strategy.


    The Digital Marketing Canvas

    The Digital Marketing Canvas is the common framework that will guide the stakeholders throughout the process. You brainstorm while you learn around the marketing fundamentals and the digital customer journey.

    Magnetic cards

    Pick a card to foster ideation

    Keep everyone inspired with the magnetic cards that stick on a whiteboard. Get some insights for your personae, channels, objectives, trends, metaphors, quotes,... Everything you need to build a solid digital strategy.

    Wooden Bitcoins

    Pay for the best ideas

    Play with fake wooden Bitcoins to see the best ideas come to life.

  • How It Works

    Design Thinking made simple with the power of a game.


    Mobilize everyone

    Get any kind of profiles around the canvas. From 1 to 7 people.



    Generate ideas for each block of the canvas: marketing fundamentals and customer journey.


    Pick some cards

    Play with the game card to drive inspiration in the group.


    Get insights

    Use the Facebook Machine to evaluate impact.



    Pay with (fake) Bitcoins for the best ideas. It's a roadmap for the hypothesis you're going to test. 

  • Magnetic cards

    Stick on a magnetic board.

    7 themes

    Facts and insights on each card.

    Designed and hand crafted in Belgium

    High quality

    The Digital Marketing Canvas

    In 5 copies

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