• We support local businesses
    with social media marketing

  • Attract new customers

    Consumers research a business online via search engines or social media before visiting it.


    We handle the technical and design part of the job for you.

    Our advices, services and support

    From humans, not bots


    We have automated a big part of our processes to offer the most affordable rate.

  • How It Works


    Send your latest info about your business

    Use WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, or the channel of your voice in texts or vocal messages to communicate.


    We turn your info into stories

    Validate or give a feedback


    The content is published on your social media account(s)

    Start raising awareness around your brand

  • Anything happening in your business is an opportunity to tell a story

    Never miss a chance to raise awareness around your brand

    A video with the right approach or picture with a good story can make a difference

    A boosted post to the right audience can bring new customers

    A community is not built overnight,
    you need consistency

  • Pricing

    Digital Marketing: 150$ per month
    - up to 4 Facebook/Instagram posts per month (copy, picture, publishing)
    - 20$ per month of credits in media (Facebook/Instagram and/or Google)
    - optimization of ads (Facebook/Instagram and/or Google)
    - advices and support

    All setups are included:
    - setup of Facebook/Instagram 
    - setup of a free Google website 
    - setup of a free Google My Business (Google Maps)
    Coming soon
  • We are not robots 🤖

    Founder of the Digital Marketing Canvas

    👋Hi, I'm Jeremy and I help businesses design marketing strategies

    For the past 10 years, I've been helping businesses find their ways to growth. I've built Plunch.net (helping energy providers acquire clients on the back of comparison websites) and Gatekeepr.co (helping organisations build better brands on the back of Social Media). I've co-founded a global community called Café Numérique organizing tech events in more than 20 cities in the world and launched a podcast called Café Sans Filtre.